Week 6 Content

Figma Workshop 2 (90 minutes)

What will we be doing in this session?

You spend the first 45 minutes of the session iterating over your Figma prototype using the feedback from the PO’s

For the remaining 45 minutes you will create a usability testing script for the Product owner to use the following week.

Why test?

  • Get feedback quickly
  • See how someone unfamiliar with the idea interacts with a app
  • Understand which features to prioritise
  • Adapt the content and copy

Things to consider when creating a script

Start with an introduction

“Thanks for helping us today. My name is Belinda, I’m a developer. The app we’re working on is…”

Explain the process

“Don’t worry about making mistakes, it all helps us understand how you, as the user thinks”

“Be honest, you’re not going to hurt our feelings and any negative feedback helps us improve the idea”

“Ask any questions you have throughout but I might not answer them until the end”

“We’ll be recording the screen/taking notes”

Asking questions

Start with general questions:

  • How do you feel about shopping online? How often do you shop online?
  • How much do you use your phone vs a laptop when on the internet?


Giving your user some tasks to complete can help you to see how they use your app. This will also be useful when you complete Traffic Light and Rainbow analysis.

For example:

Could you create a profile? Where might you look for help? How would you book an appointment?

Closing off

Ask a few questions to wrap up the session:

How was your overall experience moving around the app? What else would you like it to do? Anything else you feel we should know?