Pre Course Schedule

Spring Term unschool workshop dates:

  • Saturday 6th April (Open AI Unschool)
  • Saturday 4th May (Dev Ops 1)
  • Saturday 18th May (Dev Ops 2)

Students on the foundation programme are expected to attend all unschool workshops

We’d like you to spend some time before starting the course working on useful fundamentals.

  1. Command-line primer

    Digital Ocean’s Command Line Primer is a great intro to using your terminal. It says it’s for Linux but it’s applicable for Macs, and Windows if you’re using something like WSL or Git Bash.

    Try to practice using your Terminal to navigate your computer as you’re working on other tasks.

  2. Markdown

    GitHub’s Markdown introduction introduces using the Markdown language to quickly write simple HTML. Practice your Markdown by writing files for your GitHub repositories. Try to include some headings, lists, images, and maybe even a table.

  3. Execute Program’s JS Arrays course

    Execute Program is an interactive code learning platform. Their JS Arrays course is a great recap of things you might have already come across, and should also have some interesting new things.

    You should be able to get started with a free account—we can get you paid access later when this runs out.

  4. Colour palette project

    If you’d like some extra practice we’ve put together an open-ended project that you can use to work on your HTML, CSS & JS fundamentals.