Week 4 Content

Mapping the user journey (90 minutes)

Session summary

  • Create multiple user stories of what the user should be able to do with the app, prioritize each task, and estimate the time (50 minutes)
  • Work with the chosen Product Owner to map out the product idea (40 mins)

Why map the user journey?

Mapping the user journey within the Double Diamond design model helps designers gain insights into thier user’s needs, pain points, and opportunities for improvment.

How does mapping work?

The sessions is split into two halves. For the first half, you will:

  1. DEFINE multiple user stories in the As a… I want to… So that I can… format. This should reflect the granular tasks the user should be able to complete when using the app. (40 minutes)
  2. PRIORITISE each user story with your product owner. The user stories that are HIGH priority will be your minimum viable product (MVP) everything else could be a stretch goal. (10 minutes)
  3. ESTIMATE how easy or difficult you believe that user story will be to complete and attach a number to it. (10 minutes)

For the second half, you will:

  1. MAP out how your users will go through your application. Start by listing all your users on the left hand side and have your end goal (usually the main task the user should be able to complete) on the right hand side. Then draw in all the steps in between the two, with a maximum of 10-15 steps.