Week 1 Content

Introduction (45 minutes)

What is the Tech for Better programme?

The “Tech for Better” programme teaches Product Management to social entrepreneurs, charities and start-ups through a hands-on experience.

What is Product Managment?

“Project management is the art of getting things done… Product management is the art of deciding what to do in the first place”- Jennifer Pahlka, author of Recoding America, on The Ezra Klein Show.

Meanwhile, Product ownership is the art of balancing the needs of users with your team’s capabilities.

Product managers need to be good at all three.

How is the programme structured?

The programme will allow you to work with your Product Owners over several weeks exploring and dveloping their ideas.

You will doing this using the ‘Framework for Innovation’ model from the Design Council

This looks a little somthing like this:

Framework for Innovation

This is how the next few weeks will look based on the Framework for Innovation:

Week Session
1 Introduction (90 minutes)
2 Product pitches and discovery workshop (90 minutes)
2-3 User research - Product Owners carry out research with real users
3 Research Analysis & Definition (150 minutes)
4 Mapping the user journey (90 minutes)
5 Figma Protyping Week 1 (90 minutes)
6 Figma Protoyping Week 2 (90 minutes)
7 Product Pitches and selection (90 minutes)
8 No TFB
9 No TFB
10 Design Sprint
11 Build Sprint
12 Build Sprint

What happens after the Product Management Phase?

After selecting the projects you want to work on you go and build a MVP using your figma prototype as a blueprint. You will also be collaborating with your Product Owners throughout the process.