Hobby Page Project

Your first project is to create a Hobby Page. This can be about one of your hobbies, a particular interest of yours, or a public figure you admire. You are not required to make this about yourself or disclose anything personal. The page will be built with HTML, styled with CSS and use a bit of JavaScript.

If you’re new to web development, we recommend you check out the resources before you get started. You might like to spend some time learning the fundamentals of HTML and CSS before you dive in. You don’t need to know a lot about JavaScript to complete this project and our projects intend to guide your learning through it. Before starting the project, have a read through our guide to getting started.


Your code should be in a remote repository on GitHub and your site deployed live with GitHub Pages. If you’re new to using Git and GitHub, we recommend following our tutorial to get started.


We’d like to hear about what you created, and how you created it. For this project, you’re required to include a README.md file. These are written in Markdown and give an overview of the project. You might like to include sections which follow the three headings above: planning; building; and debugging.