In House Design Spikes

Design Week Spikes

This week, spikes will be in your project groups.

Use this as an opportunity to read and explore documentation on a new technology that you might need for your project, or to find a definitive answer for some of the “How might we” questions that came up during the definition workshop.

If you are looking into new tech, here’s a checklist to keep in mind during your research.

  • List out your needs, and compare them to a list of the pros and cons of the technology you’re looking at.
  • How popular is it? How well maintained is it?
  • How good is the documentation? What is the learning curve compared to things you have already used?
  • Are there good external learning resources? (look into different media types - eg: video)
  • How much time would go into learning vs implementing?
  • Does it require payment/ does it have limits on usage that would hinder your project?