Week 5 Resources

Further reading

What is prototyping?

  • An explanation of what prototyping is, why it is important and the difference between low fidelity and high fidelity prototyping.

Figma Resource Library

  • Figma’s official documentation on how to get started when making a prototype.

Ultimate Figma Crash Course

  • The ultimate Figma tutorial, broken down into small bite-sized chunks.

Creating a mobile phone app protoype

  • A tutorial for creating a clean flight booking app protoype.

Creating components in Figma

  • A figma video guide on how to create components that allow you to speed up your workflow.


  • A figma video guide on how to create prototype connections between screens.

Creating Micro Animations with Figma

  • A tutorial on how to add small animations to your figma prototype to give it some flair