Week 5 Content

Figma Workshop 1 (90 minutes)

What is prototyping?

“Prototyping is a quick way to go from sketches or wireframes to a simulation where you can get user feedback” - Tom Lowry, Director of Advocacy at Figma

Why is it important?

“The goal of a prototype is to ensure your design works in the hands of the user. Getting feedback on a prototype is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get feedback, before you spend a lot of money building something that might not meet user needs” Tom Lowry, Director of Advocacy at Figma

What will you be doing today?

You will be building a clickable Figma prototype.

It’s ok if you haven’t used Figma before we’ve put together some resources, that you can find here


  • Send a link to the Figma prototype to the product owners and ask them to add comments about elements they would like changed on Miro.

For Product Owners

This week you should start thinking about creating a short summary/product pitch video for the developers to watch and decide which project they would like to work on. Even if your project is not chosen in week 9 you can use this video to pitch your idea and research to stakeholders or developers in the future.

Here are a few things to think about when creating your pitches:

  • WHAT is the name of the product? (This can be a placeholder name)
  • WHAT is the product supposed to do? (A blurb about what the product is supposed to do?)


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  • WHAT is the MVP? (What is the most basic task a user should be able to do with it?)
  • WHAT have you learnt from the programme?
  • WHY should devs work on your project?
  • WHERE do you see the product heading next?