Week 3 Content

Research Analysis & Definition (150 minutes)

Session summary

  • Summarise the research under specific headings (15 minutes)
  • Theme your notes, try to find commmon themes e.g. Ease of use (15 minutes)
  • Insights looking at the themes ask what does this mean? (15 minutes)
  • Inspirations (15 minutes)
  • Lightning talks (10 minutes)
  • Crazy eights (8 minutes)
  • The Big Idea (4 minutes)
  • Upload (5 minutes)
  • Discuss your crazy eights (10 minutes)
  • Low fidelity wireframes (20 minutes)
  • Dot vote (5 minutes)
  • Discussion (25 minutes)

User research

An Intro to research

Validating an idea with a user group is an important part of software development

Feedback from your users will be analysed and inform the direction of the Product

Qualitative vs Quantitative

There are two main avenues to analysing results from testing:

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative

Qualitative research seeks to understand subjective experiences and perspectives through non-numerical data.

Quantitative research uses numerical data to analyze relationships and draw objective conclusions.

How do we conduct research analysis?

Research analysis is split into 3 - 15 minute sessions:

  1. SUMMARISE the notes your product owner shares with you from their user research.
  2. REFLECT on themes that summarise the notes from the first step.
  3. ANALYSE the themes from the second step and ask “What does this mean?”


Definition focuses on moving from an idea to something we can prototype. It is broken down into a number of exercises:

  1. INSPIRATIONS - Draw from other sources (websites, mobile phone apps etc) to get an idea of what we might include in the app.
  2. LIGHTNING TALKS - Discuss, with your team, your rationale for the screens you have chosen from the previous step.
  3. CRAZY EIGHTS - Draw 8 lightning sketches in 8 minutes, 1 minute for each drawing.
  4. THE BIG IDEA - Take one design from your Crazy 8’s and create a ore detailed sketch of it.
  5. UPLOAD - Take some time to upload your designs onto your miro board.
  6. DISCUSS - Come together to discuss your sketches and think about elements you want to take into the next step.
  7. LOW FIDELITY WIREFRAMES - Take a few of the screens from the Crazy Eights step and recreate them as screens on Miro.
  8. DOT VOTE - Mark what draws your attention or interest on Miro.
  9. DISCUSS - Come together to discuss what you’ve created and what to move forward with.