Markup Project

Your challenge is to build an agency website for your team.

Your website should give potential clients:

  • An introduction to your agency
  • Information about each member of your team
  • A way to get in touch if they are interested in working with you

User Stories

A user story is a description of one or more features of a piece of software.

Core Stories

As a potential client, I want to:

  • See information about each member of your team so that I can know who you are
  • Browse your website on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Click to navigate to different sections of your webpage
  • Contact you to enquire about working with you
  • Visit your website at a publicly accessible domain name

Additionally, as a visually impaired user, I want to:

  • Navigate your website using keyboard controls
  • Hear my screen reader describe the content on your website

Acceptance Criteria

User stories come with acceptance criteria - a detailed scope of a user’s requirements.

  • Navigation menu
  • ‘About us’ section
  • Contact form
  • A user cannot submit a form without filling out all of the mandatory fields (name, company name, email address)
  • Information from the form doesn’t get submitted until the user clicks a button

Stretch Goal

Use the automatic trigger functionality of your GitHub project board.

Finally, feel free to get creative with the content of your website! Good luck!