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React docs

Disclaimer: the offical docs haven’t been re-written with the “new” (3 year old) hooks API, so you may see older syntax using classes in their example code. We recommend using the new Beta docs, which are nearly complete:

There’s a lot more to React than we could cover in a week. Definitely have a read through and see what else you can do.

The docs have a few good articles about general React philosophy:


  • The Beginner’s Guide to React is what a lot of our Intro to the React API workshop was based on. It’s great to quickly jump through to brush up on concepts.
  • React Class Component Patterns is a great short series of videos introducing some more advanced React patterns. It’s a little older now (and uses the old class syntax) but the concepts are still very important.
  • Advanced Component Patterns goes into more depth about advanced React use.