User Manuals

Personal user manuals! Keep them updated, read them well 📒

How do I edit my user manual?

Go to the user-manuals repo in your cohort’s github organisation. Click on the ‘issues’ tab above to create a new issue, by clicking ‘New Issue’. Use the User Manual template as starting point, but remember that this is your space to reflect on yourself however fits you best. Try to fill in as much as you can now, so that updating it in the future is easier - and more rewarding.

Why are we doing this?

It’s great to have a space to reflect on ourselves, and how we work in a team. Not only can this change over the course of 12 weeks of intense learning, but its also important to acknowledge that your work style in a development team might end up being different to how you’ve worked in educational/professional environments before. We can also learn about our team-mates before working together, so we know how to get the best out of each other and work well as a team 👭👬

It is also a wonderful idea to leave feedback as a comment on other people’s user manuals, once you have worked with them.

Updating your user manual

Please update your user manual with any reflections on what you found out about yourself each week.


You can see @jackherizsmith’s user manual here: