Project roles

While working in project teams of four, you will each pick one of the roles below.

We have listed a set of responsibilities for each role - but do keep in mind that your main role on the project is as a developer. The project roles are areas of focus that you should ensure get done as a team

For example - If you are the UX Lead, do not feel obliged to do all the CSS/styling work. Your role is to make sure that the project as a whole is well designed and styled, and that the whole team works towards that goal.



  • Monitor codecov and make sure test coverage is kept up
  • Understand how to test pure functions, database queries, routes, DOM
  • Understand how and when to use mocks
  • Set up separate test database and destroy / build scripts
  • Insist on clean and legible code



  • Lead on setting up repo and file structure
  • Make sure separation of concerns is considered
  • Set up linting and check it works for everyone
  • Set up deployment, e.g. to, and take ongoing responsibility
  • set up environment variables for local and remote databases

Scrum Facilitator


  • Sprint planning
    • Prioritise issues
    • Break down larger issues into manageable chunks
  • Lead standups and Sprint Planning
  • Clear blockers
  • Lead conversations with the Product Owner
  • Listen to and mediate Product Owner needs
  • Balance needs of the Product Owner with the needs of the Product Team
  • Provide a daily rundown of work completed
  • Lead Sprint Review

UX Lead


  • Advocate for the user
  • Create a style guide
  • Ensure design heuristics are followed
  • Lead on user testing
  • Lead on project documentation

    Note: The following are shared responsibilities that are not specific to the UX role. One person from the team should lead on ensuring project documentation gets done, but everyone should participate in writing it.

  • Ensure regular attention is given to thorough documentation
  • Consider all parts of the project documentation
  • Provide support to the team in writing documentation
  • Ensure completion of handover documentation for the Product Owner