Sprint Planning

During sprint planning, you’ll estimate all of the issues in your backlog. Once everything has been estimated, you’ll be ready to plan what you’ll work on in the next sprint.

Before the sprint begins, set up a project board with all of the user stories you’ll work on. You’ll be able to refer to this to track your progress throughout the sprint.

During the Tech for Better projects, your Product Owner will join your planning sessions. The Product Team should lead the process and give the Product Owner a clear idea of what you’ll be working on in the next sprint.

Sprint Review

In a sprint review, the Scrum Facilitator will lead the team in working out the actual complexity of each issue tackled. Add actuals as labels to the issues you completed within the sprint and use these to calculate your velocity for the sprint.

After completing a review of your first sprint, you’ll be able to better manage your next sprint backlog with your velocity in mind.