Product Handover

At the end of your Tech for Better project, you’ll hand the project over to your Product Owner. For a smooth transition, you’ll write documentation to help them continue to manage the product.

Product demo

Start by showing them around the application and what features you’ve built. It’s important that they understand how it works, and that you will no longer be able to contribute to the repository.

If you do find bugs, don’t aim to fix them in the handover. Open issues which give details of the bugs, and how they might be fixed. This will allow your PO to pick up development further down the line.


Share the repository with your PO. You can add them, if they want to make a profile, or just share the link. Make sure you have a clear README with details of the stack, and how the project fits together.

Show them the Product Backlog and let them know what is still to be included. They’ll manage this backlog if they continue to develop the product.


Pass any logins to your Product Owner and make sure they can manage the deployment, and any CMS you’ve built moving forward. Do not share your personal login to the platform, encourage them to create their own and transfer ownership.

Further Development

If your Product Owner mentions continuing work on the Product, you can direct them to chat to the team at Founders and Coders. We can support them with finding developers to work on the project. You may also like to show them how to create issues on GitHub, if they are planning further features to develop.