The apprenticeship is assessed in two ways:

  • Project (“Work-based project with questioning”)
  • Portfolio (“Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio”)

During the 12 week training, we’d like to give you some opportunity to feel prepared for these. Your Project is completed at the end of the apprenticeship, during EPA gateway. The portfolio must be submitted in order to enter gateway.

Portfolio evidence

The portfolio is a collection of documentation which evidences the work you’ve completed throughout your apprenticeship. The documentation should describe projects you’ve worked on and include detail about your contribution to those projects.

Each piece of documentation will cover:

  • WHAT you did
  • HOW you did it
  • WITH WHOM you did it
  • WHY you did it that way


Separately, you will create a document which maps your portfolio evidence to the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (KSBs) detailed in the apprenticeship standard.

The document should contain a table which maps KSBs to your evidence, like so:

KSB Definition Evidence
K1 All stages of the software development life-cycle (what each stage contains, including the inputs and outputs) Update contact form - Page 2
K3 The roles and responsibilities of the project life-cycle within your organisation, and your role New login modal - Page 4
K4 How best to communicate using the different communication methods and how to adapt appropriately to different audiences Update contact form - Page 10

During the training

While on the full-time training, you’ll have time to practise gathering portfolio evidence and mapping to KSBs. For each of your weekly projects, create documentation of what you’ve done, how you’ve done it, with whom, and why you made those technical choices. You can write this documentation as your README, or into a separate portfolio.md file.

To see the full list of KSBs for the project, visit our apprenticeship standard site.