What to expect from your mentors

Most of the mentors you will interact with on the course have recently graduated from the course. Some mentors will be alumni who finished the course a little while ago.

The types of mentors you’ll meet are:

  • Week mentors
  • Project mentors

Week mentors

  1. Cohort alumni who recently completed the course.
  2. Join workshop discussions and provide support during projects.
  3. Offer guidance without giving direct answers.
  4. Share experiences, debugging advice, and tips for maximizing the course.

Project mentors

  1. Support during final project(s).
  2. Can be FAC alumni or apprenticeship employers.
  3. Provide technical advice on tech stack choices and recommended libraries.
  4. Not available for day-to-day debugging; use available resources like StackOverflow, cohort members, and the FAC community.
  5. Schedule specific slots to discuss project-related matters.
  6. Responsible for reaching out, scheduling time, and clearly communicating support needs.