Tribute page

Before you work on this assignment, we recommend you complete these two sections on freeCodeCamp:

We’d like you to build a “tribute” website using HTML and CSS. This site should provide information about something you like or someone (public figure) you admire. You are not required to make this about yourself or disclose anything personal.

This will give you the opportunity to practice with HTML and CSS as well as demonstrate your learnings from freeCodeCamp so far.

You can create your site on CodePen or on VS Code and push the site to GitHub.

Required features

  1. The page has a title, or heading, at the top of the page
  2. There are at least three images on the page
  3. Elements have styles such as background colours, borders, margins and padding
  4. Some pieces of text have emphasis such as bold or italics
  5. A user can click on a link that takes them to another website
  6. The page has at least one list
  7. Everything on the page fits on any screen size, without content overflowing or being cut off