How to…

This set of prompts will guide you through the key learning outcomes and topics required to apply to Founders and Coders.

The purpose of the prompts is to get you thinking about coding and solving problems. As you move through the topics, you’ll be able to build on your knowledge and understand how the different parts of building websites fit together.

Each set of prompts will be paired with a suggested platform to work on. As you build your skills you’ll also explore different environments to write code in. Make sure to save your code as you go, when you start learning Git you’ll learn to upload your work to GitHub.

We want to see the culmination of your learning across the time you spend working on the requirements. As you gain experience working with JavaScript, you’ll learn to write with more complicated syntax and build more sophisticated websites. Showing us your early work helps us to understand the learning journey you’ve been on.

If you have questions or are stuck on a prompt - find help online. Online, you’ll find communities to ask questions to; documentation to read; and articles to read. Learning to learn and find solutions is a key part of becoming a developer.

The prompts are laid out in our suggested order to follow. Find a flow that works for you and helps you build your knowledge as you learn web development.