Building your website

Building your first website can seem daunting. Break the task down into features, or sections, and build them one at a time.

Follow the requirements listed on our website.


Break your HTML down into sections for each part of the website. There are a number of semantic HTML tags which can help you build an accessible website.

Think about how you’ll present each part of your website; how a user will navigate through the site; and what types of content you’ll include.


Use CSS to build an exciting and enjoyable experience for a user when visiting your website. Present your content in a way that reflects you.

Think about the colour scheme; the layout of your content; and how a user will view the site on different devices.


Use DOM Manipulation to make your site dynamic and interactive. Include features to practise the JavaScript you’ve learnt throughout completing the application requirements.

Structure your code in a way that makes sense. Include meaningful variable names; modular functions and annotate your code with comments.

Think about how you will update and change content on your site; what parts of the site the user can interact with; and how you can keep your JavaScript efficient and readable.

Understanding the website

There are many different parts to an HTML file, properties in CSS, and ways we can write JavaScript. Learn more about how they all fit together in this blog post.